The PANTONE Mixing System is an International colour communication system that is in widespread use in publication and packaging printing. It facilitates the selection, viewing, specification and communication of spot colours.


Novasens BCS PREMIUM is a base series with not only extremely low odour and taste transmission, but also low migration.

Novavit® Easy Mix BIO

Novavit Easy Mix BIO is a modern mixing system consisting of 13 basic colours together with black and transparent white, complemented by 5 fast colours and two highly pigmented shades, for use on single-run printing jobs. This series is designed to allow optimum colour matching using the PANTONE Colour Formula Guide, as well as create any spot colour of your choice with the extra option of improved colour-fastness. The Novavit Easy Mix BIO PANTONE bases are ideally suited for use in colour mixing operations.


The Novaplast mixing system is specifically designed for printing on non-absorbent substrates, such as PVC and other synthetic materials. With its 14 base shades plus transparent white, opaque white and black, PANTONE, HKS and other spot colours can be mixed.

Novavit® Eco Mix BIO

The cost-effective version of Novavit Easy Mix BIO

Novasens® BCS series

Novasens BCS are two base systems consisting of 13 base shades, transparent white and black that have been specially developed for printing the outside of food packaging. The pigmentation of both series are the same.

Novaspot® spot colours

Flint Group supplies spot colours with customised drying and colour fastness on demand.

Novasens® BCS PLUS

Novasens BCS PLUS is a base series with extremely low odour characteristics.

Novaspot® corporate colours

Flint Group brand owner colours are specifically designed spot colours that are formulated and released in collaboration with communication agencies or brand marketers.